The community center where we will be holding classes.
In two weeks I'll be heading out again.  I'll be going back to Nigeria, via Atlanta this time, for several weeks at the mission village.  

The major purpose of this trip is to administer entrance exams to our potential students.  We will do testing in two locations in both English and mathematics to these children.  This will then help us make educated decisions on which students to admit to our school.  It's a big job, but an important one.

While I'm there I'll also get more work done at the site to help prepare for the students to arrive.  What exactly that will look like I probably won't know until I'm there, but I'm sure I will be kept busy the entire time.  

You can be praying for me as I prepare to go, for the funds to be able to be there, for the many items that should be in my suitcase to miraculously weigh nothing so I can fit in more books and supplies, and for safety and health while I'm gone.

You'll notice that my other website seems to have died.  I can't get into it.  I don't know if I deleted something, or if it is just time for a new computer, but I can't edit anything.  (And yes, I really do need to get a new computer soon!)

The old website was only going to work for another couple months anyway because my web host was going to disappear, and I've known this for nearly a year, but now I'm finally making a change.  So hopefully this new site will work well and I'll be able to share once again.