Thanks for the prayers!  I made it safely to Lagos, spent the night and made it safely to Fiditi in the morning.  We don't have internet right now, so I convinced my GREAT little sister to post about my whereabouts.  :-)  
Continued prayers about the internet progress out here would be great.    It is the easiest way to communicate with home, and it would be a HUGE blessing if we could have it in time for school to start!
Thank you all!
Psalm 15 (NLT)

1 Who may worship in your sanctuary, LORD?
Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?
2 Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right,
speaking the truth from sincere hearts.
3 Those who refuse to gossip
or harm their neighbor
or speak evil of their friends.
4 Those who despise flagrant sinners,
and honor the faithful followers of the LORD,
and keep their promises even when it hurts.
5 Those who lend money without charging interest,
and who cannot be bribed to lie about the innocent.
Such people will stand firm forever.

This has been my memory verse the last couple weeks. It is just such a good reminder that I need to live a life honoring to God. The reality is that none of us live up to all those expectations. It's impossible. That's the type of person who God is worthy of, but it's also why He sent His Son - because we can't be that perfect. So, I continue to strive to live my life according to His will, to be a light for Him, and to seek to be more and more like Him daily.  I need to make it a daily effort to spend time worshipping in His sanctuary and in His presence. It's not always easy to find the time, but it is always worth it.

What a crazy couple days. I just packed two of my suitcases to capacity and one of my Dad's, and there are still things laying on my floor.  Oh well, I guess some of them will make it on another trip! Thankfully, some of it isn't necessary, but a couple items I hoped to fit in didn't. (Like my frosty mugs you put in the freezer…when there is electricity I could have a nice cool beverage!) But that can be a dream for another day.

I have set up an iPad for our principal, Titi, so I can teach her how to use it when I get there. In the morning I get to set up one more for our science teacher. Then those have to somehow fit into my suitcase…

I fly at 4:15 Wednesday afternoon via Atlanta with an arrival of 3:30 in Lagos (that would be 9:30am in MN) on Thursday. Here are a few things you can be praying about as I travel the next few days.

* Smooth flights, and no challenges checking my heavy luggage!
* Ease going through immigration and getting more than 30 days on my visa (90 is the goal) once in Nigeria.
* No issues getting a cart for my heavy suitcases or people trying to stop me on my way out of the airport. 
* That my driver, John, would be there waiting!
* That the drive to Fiditi (on Friday) would not have any challenges on the roads or with the car.
* Saturday I give the entrance exam once more - pray for a good turnout
* There is much to accomplish in the two weeks before the Bennett family and my Dad arrive and teacher orientation begins. Pray for wisdom to know when to push, how much to push, and how to be an encouragement to these people. I'm told plumbing isn't ready to go, and that cannot still be the case in two weeks!
* Pray also that my transition to the new time zone, a new home, a new climate, and new people will be a good one.
* Pray for the Bennett family as they spend their last week in Minnesota followed by time in Georgia with more family before they arrive in Nigeria September 3rd.

Again, thank you for your prayers, your encouragement, and your support. I can't wait to share more about this journey from the other side of the ocean!


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