The skirt I made out of my Dad's old dress shirt!
Sarah and I decided to have a sewing day the last week we were both home. She made a skirt she could wear in the villages. I saw this idea online so I asked my dad if he had any old shirts he was ready to get rid of. Just this one, but that's all I needed. I pretty much finished it in a day. It is fun to know I made it, and I am reminded of my dad every time I wear it!
Amy relaxing on a rainy day inside.
In July we were all home at once. A rare occurance in our family. We took the opportunity to spend a few days at a lake cabin. I guess people took photos on their camera because I only seem to have this one, not one proving we were together. However, we enjoyed relaxing, playing games, and getting ice cream at the local ice cream places. It was a great week with the family.

I did also get a few days to travel with my parents when they came to Peru where we took a trip to the mountains. I also flew out and visited Amy in Colorado. My trip with Sarah specifically will come in April when I hope to go visit her.
For the past year I have been nursing my old computer along, hoping it would last one more month. After 6 years I would say it served its purpose. About a week before moving to Nigeria I finally got a new one. It has been such a blessing to have a working machine!