I enjoy visiting art museums from time to time, so it seemed like a good item to put on here. However, it seems like art museums get visited the most frequently, so I made a provision for getting to non-art museums. Guess which one I finished first?!?

The first I visited was Museo de la Nacion in Lima, Peru. Amy was visiting me at the end of my time there. I had driven past the museum dozens of times, so it was fun to finally stop in. They have some cool Peruvian history there. The top floor is a memorial to the time when the Shining Path was causing terrorism through the country, so that was really interesting for me to learn more about. (I have a picture of this somewhere, but can't find it!)

The second museum was the Science museum of MN. I got to go with my aunt Wendy and cousin Lucy-Mei when they were visiting from France. It was great fun to roam through all the different areas.

The last museum was the Arboretum museum at the University of Idaho. I wouldn't normally think of an arboretum as a museum, but it said it was, so I'm counting it! I walked through the beautiful gardens with two girls I met at an education workshop out in Idaho one evening. What a beautiful night it was!

I don't plan on stopping visiting museums now ths

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