My whole life I've driven an automatic. It's easy. However, I realized while I was in Peru that knowing how to drive a manual would probably be wise. They are far more common there.  They are far more common in Nigeria too.  So I put it on the list. 

A couple weeks ago I was driving out to southern MN with my friend Josiah. He was driving. He was tired. His car is a stick. I couldn't help. So I just talked to him a lot to keep him awake. We made it.  On the way home a couple days later he was driving, he was tired, and his car was still a stick. I couldn't help.  We decided maybe I should learn.

A couple days later he came over and we drove around a parking lot for a while. I'm not good. Getting into 1st is terrible. Shifting to 2nd or 3rd is fine. I just struggle getting started.  A week later we tried again. It was better this time and I drove all the way to the mall (on back roads) and we survived. Hopefully I haven't hurt any portion of his car too badly with how frequently I killed it.  

I'm sure there will be more opportunities to practice, which is a necessity if I'm going to master this skill, but if I had to 

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